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Staff Training Days 1-4

Staff Training has officially begun for our 2023 Senior Summer Staff! The last three days have been an absolute blast, and we are looking forward to the days ahead as we continue to train and prepare for summer youth camps! We can already tell that this staff team will work together well, and lead in amazing ways this summer. 

Our training began with a trip to the Abeler’s house for crepes, fellowship, games, and worship around the campfire. We even got to learn about each other’s favorite words. And of course, ACTION SONGS! It was so good to gather as a staff team and have some fun together before the real training begins!

On Saturday afternoon, our summer staff team left for Lake Beauty Bible Camp! We spent the rest of the day trying out Lake Beauty’s ropes course, making our staff family posters, and playing games with Lake Beauty’s summer staff team. Sunday morning after breakfast, we headed on over to the Chapel for worship and a short commissioning service. Both Lake Beauty’s staff team and our staff team got the opportunity to pray for each other as we prepare and begin the youth camp season! 

Our summer staff have also been putting their creative minds to use creating mail call skits! Each staff family came up with a skit, and Sunday night, we presented them to each other. So much fun to see everyone’s creativity shine through! 

The staff have been working tirelessly to learn how to do their jobs, and do them well, in addition to lots of training sessions with leadership. We are so ready and so excited for campers to start coming to Camp!!


Enjoy photos from your camper’s week at the link below!  Perfect to download, share, and print!

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