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Super Kids 1, Day 2

We are officially on day #2 of Super Kids 1! The first day with these Super Kids has been such a blast. Campers have already been having The Funnest Fun, and we are all excited for another full day at Camp. We started off our day yesterday with the Polar Dip – what better way to wake up in the morning than by jumping in Cedar Lake?! After that it was time to raise the flag, and head on down to the Dining Hall for breakfast. We then went right into Chapel, and then Skillz, where campers get to choose a fun activity to do before getting back with their cabins for Cabin Adventures!

After Cabin Adventures and some down time, also known as “Toes-Up-Time,” it was time for a game! Called “Penny Pinchers,” the goal for the campers was to be salespeople, trying to “sell” objects to staff members spread out around main camp. Then it was time for everyone’s favorite – FREE TIME! Campers can choose from a variety of fun activities to participate in around Camp, like swimming, crafts, canteen, laser tag, and zipline. Once the bell rung signifying that free time was over, it was time for flag lowering and dinner. Then, another game – how fun! This one was called “Free the Hostage,” which is basically a fun name for Capture the Flag, but instead of campers “capturing” a flag, they were freeing a hostage. After some Canteen Time, it was time for Chapel, and then bedtime. After a good first day of fun, we were all in need of some good sleep!

Our Tuesday morning started off with Polar Dip again, and these Super Kids sure love it. They are just so eager to wake up and start their day – while scoring points for their cabins! After flag raising and breakfast, it was time for morning Chapel, where we got to hear from our very own Assistant Director of Youth Ministry, Izzy!


Talk with your camper about their first full day at Camp. What was their favorite thing they did? Can they tell you why God came to the Earth through Jesus?

Next, it was time for Skillz, and then Cabin Adventures! It is always so fun to see campers hanging out as cabins doing some fun activities together around Camp. We’ll pick up here tomorrow, so come check out the blog to see all of what these Super Kids campers have been up to! 


Enjoy photos from your camper’s week at the link below!  Perfect to download, share, and print!

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