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Junior High 1, Top 10 Photos

It is Closing Rally Day for our Junior High 1 week! Looking back on all the fun and laughter that was had, and all the memories that were made, we are grateful to be ending this week with full and joyful hearts. These Junior High campers have truly filled Camp with such joy and life, and it was such a blast having them at Camp this week!

Closing Rally looks a little different than our traditional days at Camp. It starts out with cleaning Camp, flag raising, and then breakfast! Then, once parents get to Camp, we all move into the Main Hall for the final Mail Call, and to watch our recap video and slideshow from the week! Our media team works tirelessly throughout the week to present campers and their families with memories in the form of a recap video that is posted to Youtube, and pictures that are uploaded to a SmugMug album throughout the week. What you see here in the blog is only a sneak peek of what is in SmugMug, so go check out the link below to view the entire album!

After giving out prizes for various activities that campers participated in this week, such as fishing, Polar Dip, among other things, it is time for us to head out to the Ampitheatre for the finishing touches of our Closing Rally. We’ll show parents our Memory Verse (John 1:1!), have some time in worship, and then Bobber Bill will take the stage and collect an offering for the Camps in Ukraine that we partner with. All the proceeds from this offering will go straight to those Camps! Then, the BEST part of Closing Rally – PIES! One girl camper, one boy camper, and one staff member’s name will be drawn from the bucket to pie a staff member of their choosing. It is messy and chaotic, but we love it! After that, it is time for campers and counselors to head back to their cabins so parents can pick them up! While the week ends there, the fun lives on through moments captured by the camera. Here are our Top 10 Photos from Junior High 1!

Swim Test Serenade

How often do you get a serenade as you take your swim test at the beginning of the week?!


Reconnecting with friends, new and old, is one of the best parts of Camp. 


The face we make when our Master of Ceremonies, Brook, makes our counselors come up on stage and do fun and crazy games!

Kiss the Fish!

If you catch a fish, you’ve gotta give it a kiss before letting it go!

Starkiss Smiles

Hanging with friends and eating canteen treats on a beautiful afternoon? Yes, please!

Polar Dip

The Polar Dip is a staple of Camp, and a long-time tradition! Did your camper participate every morning?

Canteen Time

Cherry Dillybars were a camper favorite canteen treat this week!


Quick! Pose for the camera!

Volleyball Tournament

Between cheering loud for your cabin, and playing a game of volleyball, smiles could be found among campers!

Hammock Hangout

What better place is there to hang out while enjoying the chaotic fun of the volleyball tournament?!


Enjoy photos from your camper’s week at the link below!  Perfect to download, share, and print!

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