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Gym Update: Steady Progress, Growing Dreams!

Jaws drop and gasps turn to wonder. First-time visitors to the gym are both surprised by the vastness of the structure and inspired by the functionality of the layout. Come and see for yourself! What you’ll find is a shell fully erected and roofs that are water tight. 

Electrical and plumbing rough-in is complete inside and out, and concrete for the floors is scheduled for January. Progress was slowed by a septic permit issue, but windows are on the way and indoor work will resume soon. Construction is on target for summer use. A Grand Opening & Dedication will be announced. Keep praying!

Follow the Progress

Check out the 24/7 live camera feed to watch the progress of the Gym construction!

URGENT: Volunteers Wanted!  Carpenters. Handymen. Grunts.  February-March: Interior framing.

Interested? Email Bill Abeler!

Campaign Update: FILL IT Tops 80%

With the $2.5M needed to “BUILD IT!” fully covered last summer, the focus turned to raising the $500,000 needed to FILL the gym. The “FILL IT!” list is long. It’s also fun: balls, nets, pickleball, hockey, climbing wall, AV/sound, stage equipment, chairs, tables, fireplace, fire ring, kitchen, blacklights, and much more! 

Here’s the good news. Camp’s AMAZING friends and partners have caught the vision. The $95,000 year end challenge match was fully met, leaving Camp with only $100,000 to FILL the gym. Wow!  Can you help us get over the top?  Great friends make great things happen!

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