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Gym Update: Permit Secured, Pace Accelerates

It took two and half months to secure the septic/plumbing inspection approval but less than twenty-four hours to turn the dirt floors grey. February 21 brought the good news from the State Inspector. February 22 brought the concrete for the Commons and three days later the gym floor was done, too. Volunteers framed interior walls on March 2-3 and contractors have been busy ever since, installing HVAC, sprinklers, and electrical conduits while others completed plumbing rough ins for the restrooms and kitchen. Soon to follow will be painters, climbing wall installers, and more volunteers framing in the gym storage rooms. The grand finale of all phases is the installation of the gym floor scheduled for the week of July 1.

SAVE THE DATE:  Gym Grand Opening, Labor Day Monday 11 AM 
Campaign Update: "FILL IT" tops 85%!

With the $2.5M needed to “BUILD IT!” fully covered, the new goal is to raise the $500,000 needed to FILL the gym by the start of summer. What a fun list! Climbing wall, black lights, fireplace, kitchen equipment, balls, nets, AV technology, chairs, tables, picnic tables, and much more! THE GOOD NEWS: Recent gifts from Camp’s AMAZING friends elevated the total to $425,000, leaving only $75,000 to go. Woo Hoo!

Can you help us get over the top? 

Simply visit

Great friends make great things happen!


THE NEED: Carpenters, Masons, Handymen, and “Grunts”

Camp is organizing separate crews to help with the following projects:

  • Framing (storage room walls) – FIRST PRIORITY (early April)
  • Siding (pre-finished lap siding) – SECOND PRIORITY (Spring)
  • Ceilings (tongue and groove – Spring)
  • Walls (finish treatments – late Spring)
  • Concrete – Land Bridge walkway, Patios (late Spring)

Camp is also looking for carpenters, plumbers, and helpers to complete renovations in the new Staff House.

CAN YOU HELP? We need an army! For details and dates, contact:

Scott Shoemaker, Director of Site & Facilities


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