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2016 Winter Recap: Crazy Weather, Crazy Fun!

Arctic Blast 2 Polar Plunge.jpgThe ice was late (a December 18 freeze over!) and snow scarce (only two “snowstorms”…so far!). One Mega Fun weekend was lived entirely below zero while temps for Arctic (Tropical!) Blast 2 hit 54! Picture broomball in shorts and t-shirts. Crazy! All of this proves again that at Camp Lebanon, “weather is an attitude.”

There certainly was no stopping the fun this winter.  Two mega-energy Mega Fun weekends for kids clubs (grades 3-6) kicked off the New Year with over 300 children and leaders dog-sledding, tubing, and singing their way to the “funnest fun.” Commedian DonB! (he’s the best!) was back for his 52nd and 53rd performances. Camp’s own Bobber Bill taught on the theme of “ROCK SOLID,” challenging kids and leaders alike to build their lives (“houses”) on the “rock” of God’s Word.  Check out Matthew 7:24-27 for  yourself and see if you can figure out the motions!

Meanwhile, Arctic Blast (grades 7-12) lived up to its name, but only half way. The weather was anyting but arctic, but the kids sure had a blast worshipping, polar plunging (45 kids jumped into Cedar Lake!), broomballing, and chilling with friends. We’re also happy to report that attendance for Arctic Blast I (132) was up a bit over last year, while Arctic Blast 2 saw an even bigger gain, topping 170!  Two dynamic youth pastors showed teens from the Scriptures how they can trust the “ROCK” with their very lives.

woman tubing
Winter Warm Up – Snow Tubing

The sweetest ministries of winter were reserved for women, as the Women’s Winter Warm Up reached 100 for the first time. The Prayer Box was overflowing and the altar was full on Saturday night, as many women responded to speaker Kristin King’s invitation to “Come!” and receive the Father’s peace and restoration. A new partnership with Teen Challenge was inaugerated, and a soup bowl craft project blessed a  ministry to the homeless in the St. Cloud area.

Next up is Quilt & Scrap, with four weekend and midweek sessions running from March 3-April 6. Fresh off an amazing 25th anniversary celebration last fall, 425+ ladies (up 6%!) are ready for another fun season of “woo hoo!” fellowship, quality instruction, and spiritual inspiration. The March forecast:  “Cloudy with a Chance of Manna!”  Thanks for praying us through this busy season.

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