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Mother Knows Best…Spring 2016 Opportunities for all of the family

Time spent at camp for women is sweet, and the connections made at women’s retreats last a lifetime.  As a result, many women and moms want nothing more than to share these blessings from camp with their family and friends.  Here’s a list of everything coming up this spring that you can share with those you love.

For the Guys:   DSC_0204

For dads and their sons age 5 & up (grandpas are welcome, too!). This year’s theme is “God, Guys & Guns.”  Featuring the Gould Brothers exhibition shooting show (world known!). Ready. Aim. Fire!  Witness the world’s best and then give it your best shot. Live life on target.

One night. Three meals. Three sessions. Men’s Advance! beings with an 8pm Friday chapel and ends with a delicious Saturday dinner. This is the perfect spring weekend format to challenge men in their walk with Christ! The intensive Bible study is life relevant and goes deeper with small group follow-up discussions.

For our Young at Heart: Spring Senior Day Banner 2016

Geared for folks ages 55 and over.  Advertised as a “taste of heaven,” the amazing people, vibrant hymn singing, inspiring teaching, and abundant laughter that fills Camp Lebanon’s Young at Heart Retreat and Senior Day prove its more than a mere slogan.

For the Young Adults (ages 18-35):Young Adult 4

Do you know some young adults who would enjoy some time with other young adults? This weekend is specially designed for them! Fun, fellowship, teaching, mentor panel, and more.

For the Entire Family:  


Each three-night weekend features fun in, on, and around the water, lively chapels, daily recreation options, and plenty of relaxed free time!


Why settle for a three-day weekend (they’re a blast, too!) when you can supersize the “funnest fun” with a five-night, six-day week of relaxed adventures?

For the Kids:Super Kids 23

Kids love, love, love summer camp at Camp Lebanon! From fresh-faced kindergarten graduates to pumped up high school students, young people across Minnesota and beyond discover and enjoy Camp’s amazing array of experiences.

2016 Spring Events Lineup.jpg

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