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Top 10 Spring Highlights of 2016


Quilt - march madness.jpg
Happy Quilters

#1: WATERFRONT RECORDS: Ice out was two weeks early and the docks went in the fastest yet!  Thanks, FBC – Long Prairie men, for coming out April 16 to help.
Nine workers installed four docks in less than two hours!  What’s more, fifteen Teen Challenge (Brainerd) volunteers hauled in all the canoes, kayaks, paddleboats, and more! Crank up the heat!

#2: SPRING QUILT BLESSINGS: 425 women populated four weekends and mid-week sessions. These women were fun, intense, and generous, contributing a record $4556 to the Camp Scholarship Funds through the spring Bargain Barn. Woo hoo!

Group of guys at Men’s Advance!

#3: MEN’S ADVANCE! And we thought 100 was thinking big!  As it turned out, 125  men (double the record!) joined us for an amazing “Walk Through the Old Testament!”  Charge!

#4: 2700 PAVERS: Camp got lots of help first to take up all the Chalet deck pavers and then to put them back done. The effort was required to replace a leaky deck roof in April. Let it rain!

Father & Son paintball duo

#5: FATHER-SON: What a blast!  Over 160 guests (most since 2007!) made the most out of the “God, Guys & Guns!” theme.  The big highlight was the amazing shooting exhibition by the Gould Brothers in front of 400+ spectators.  Bullseye! 

Mother, daughter & fruit owl

#6: Mother-Daughter: “Once Upon a Time” 197 princesses and queens (a new record by 59!) rode off Camp Lebanon and lived happily ever after, blessed by wonderful weather, the awesome Theater for the Thirsty, and a weekend full of the “funnest fun.”  To be continued!

#7: $4500 in Scholarship Gifts
: Special friends help Camp keep its pledge to welcome all kids and families regardless of their ability to pay. A $3000 gift from the Peace-Shalom Foundation and a $1500 donation for the Scholarship Endowment by the fund’s visionaries will help fund grants now and for years to come! Slava bohu!

+ DSC_0185.JPG
Young Adult Retreat (during the Camp Bell Awards)

#8: YAR: Over 100 are expected this weekend for the first-ever Young Adult Retreat (ages 18-35). Yee-haa!!

#9: YOUNG AT HEART: Forty senior adult retreat guests (up 10!) and over 140 coming for Senior Day on Tuesday, May 17 are in for an extra sweet “taste of heaven!”  The big highlight will be the dedication of the new Eagle’s Nest Rec Pavilion! To God be the glory!

#10: THE KIDS ARE COMING! THE KIDS ARE COMING!  Registrations continue to outpace last year (up 120+) with 1000 kids already signed up for nine sessions of summer youth camp!  Bring on the summer!

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