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The “Story” Begins.

The date was June 12, 2016. Storm clouds were rolling in and youth summer campers were being dropped off as the Galactic Adventure (Camp’s summer theme) was officially taking off. There is a lot of newness that comes with the first day of summer camp, but this year there was something special that has never happened at Camp before.  No, Bobber Bill did not shave his head. And no, Camp didn’t have a real rocket ship take off (although that would’ve been epic!). Camp officially launched its own Snapchat account!

Camp’s Snapcode

Some of you might be a bit disappointed or let down by this announcement, because you were hoping for something big.  Well, let me tell you why we think this is a big deal and why we’re really excited about it at Camp.  Snapchat is the #1 communication phone app for kids ages 13 – 23.  The majority of kids are moving toward Snapchat and are evening using it instead of text messaging. So why does Camp need to  be involved?  The truth is we  don’t HAVE to, but we WANT to because we desire to be able to make a positive impact in the lives of kids. Our prayer is that the Snapchat account will be used for the glory of God in keeping kids excited about Camp, reaching new kids, and providing some form of positive encouragement in their lives.

How will Camp be using Snapchat?  Camp will be sharing frequent updates that are collected in the form of a Snapchat story that followers can watch.  Camp’s story will include encouragements from the weekly speaker, goofy videos, encouraging Scriptures, fun videos of polar dip or other activities, and more!

If you have a Snapchat account, we would love to have you follow us!  Just open your camera in Snapchat and hold your finger on Camp’s snapcode (the yellow image above), and you’ll be set!  Or you can search for camplebanon on the app as well.

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