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Rain can’t stop our fun!

The rain came down, but our energy level and fun didn't dip!

Good morning, friends! Tuesday was another great day for Super Kids 1, all the way from polar dip to lights out.

Our morning schedule was pretty similar to yesterday, but we met some new friends during morning chapel! Darl and Jill Powell (who have been missionaries for 22 years) visited to talk about missions and their experiences at and around a missionary kid school in Dakar, Senegal. It was the most quiet and attentive I’ve seen the kids all week! Darl and Jill will be back today to talk more about missions and answer our questions, and we’re so thankful they’re spending time with us.

After we rotated skills, we had lunch and ran into Captain Kyper and her intrepid crew again! This time, we found them on planet — pronounced by making a pop noise with your mouth. The inhabitants of the planet were so distracted by bubble wrap, they couldn’t focus on anything else! Luckily, Captain Kyper and her crew stepped in to save them.

Boys and girls split up for a very silly afternoon game time. The girls played a game called Collect the Planets, which involved a lot of running around the upper part of Camp and working together to collect balloons to bring back to Captain Kyper, and the boys played a Camp classic called Custer’s Last Stand, male staff against male campers. As always, it was loud and crazy, and the staff members lost hard.

Game time went right into free time, and we had a lot of the same fun options as the day before. The 4 o’clock option was Nukem, a variation on volleyball where you catch the ball. It was a big hit! At the very end of free time, it started pouring and campers and staff alike had tons of fun splashing in the puddles.

We had to move our carnival night inside because of the rain, but we packed all the games into the chapel and had a blast! There was face-painting, coloring, an “obstacle course,” and much more! Campers who collected one of each ticket color also got to drag a staff member out to “Sad Counselor,” where they could splash them with cold water!

Finally, we had a great evening chapel to close out the day. Adam talked about how everyone is on a quest for something, and Jesus came on a quest to rescue the lost, give us eternal life and guide us to the Truth. Many campers dedicated their life to Jesus last night!

We have one day left of Camp. Please pray for the safety of our campers and staff, and that we would keep having the funnest fun!

-Becky Boo


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