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The Fall of 2016 in 12 Pictures

Wow, where did Fall go? I guess the time goes by fast when you’re having the funnest fun. Our staff team is up at Camp all Fall long, so they get to see everything that happens. But you probably don’t have that privilege, so we thought we’d sum up the Fall of 2016 in twelve pictures. Of course, there are many, many more pictures where these come from.  And you can find them on Camp’s Facebook page.  Enjoy!

1. Dads N Daughters

This retreat is famous for giving us some of the most precious pictures of the entire year. And why is that?  There’s just something special about the overflowing joy in a daughter’s eyes when she is wrapped up in the love of her father. And as sweet as this is, it’s merely a shadow compared to the glorious love of our heavenly Father!  Can you image our joy on the day He returns?!


2. “The Father-Daughter Dance”

This year’s theme at Dads N Daughters was “The Father-Daughter Dance.” As you can see, the theme caught on so well not even ziplining could stop the dance.


3. Young at Heart Senior Day

We call these semi-annual gatherings “A taste of heaven!” You can’t help but gaze heavenward as hymns are sung, fellowship is enjoyed, and wisdom is shared.  More than one hundred and sixty “young at heart friends” joined us this Fall, including these guests who explored Camp’s new Beaver Point Boardwalk. What a blessing!


4. Men’s Retreat

Men’s Retreat was a blast! A record-setting number of guys had a great weekend of fellowship, fun, and teaching. Free moments were filled with trapshoot, a remote control hobby show, flag football, tournaments, campfires, and many other activities.


5. ManTalks & Manthems!

This year Men’s Retreat made the switch to a Ted Talks format that we tweaked and rebranded as ManTalks. Twelve different speakers presented for twelve minutes each on twelve different topics. All of the topics fits under the umbrella of Growing a Balanced Life in a Lopsided World. Feedback was positive and the ManTalks will be back next Fall! What is a “Manthem” you may be asking? Man + Anthem = Manthem. The singing at Men’s Retreat is unlike any other retreat. Just follow the rule “when in doubt, sing loud!” The room nearly shakes as the men sing the deep truths of God at the top of their longs. All glory be to Christ our King!


6. Women’s Retreats

The year’s theme was “Connected.” And as you can see in the picture below, it appears women like to connect. The theme hit home and the Lord did an amazing ministry at these retreats. The numbers were sky high again this year, as the Lord continues to use Camp Lebanon in this way.


7. The Ziplining Quartet

Frankly, with the theme being “Connected” I’m surprised they aren’t all buckled to one another! Needless to say, if you think Women’s Retreats are just composed of craft time, campfires, and talking, then you’d better open your mind to reality. The women at Camp definitely know how to have fun! Ziplining, paintball, boating, and more…they say “bring on the funnest fun!”


8. Fall Fire!

Camp hosted its first ever Fall Fire Youth Retreat this year and it was smokin’!  From the teaching to the bonfire to the Blazing Fire Challenges, this retreat was fantastic. Check out Camp’s Facebook to see some pictures from the challenges, including a car pushing contest, pumpkin launch, and a new version of “duck hunt.”


9. The Inaugural “Fall Firees.”

Here they are! The trail blazers for the first ever Fall Fire. Can’t wait to build on it for next year.


10. Quilt Retreat!

Quilt Season is here.  Yep, the women have officially taken over Camp until early December. The only way we could get them to stop quilting was to offer espresso coffee drinks and an opportunity to gaze upon completed quilts at the “Gypsy Wife” exhibition in the Eagle’s Nest.


11. “A Fat Quarter is NOT a Body Part.”

Using the term “fat quarter” in jokes never gets old. And the fun at Quilt Retreats doesn’t stop either. Smiles all around.  Sweet fellowship, a relaxed schedule, amazing food (seriously, the best of the year), and great teaching make it a wonderful time.


12. The Glory of God on Display

God’s glory in His creation has been impossible to miss this Fall. This picture is from a morning during Fall Fire Retreat. We see His creativity in colors of the leaves; we feel His peace in the cool, crisp air; and we see His love in the people that come to Camp. Thank you God for a really great Fall Season!



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