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The Start of an Adventure!

A blog post for the opening day of Adventurers Week at Camp Lebanon

Adventurer’s Week is already off to a great start! The kids are excited to be here at Camp, and there has already been a lot of laughter and fun.

We started off with a delicious picnic featuring veggies, pizza, cookies, and juice. Then we had a tour of Camp and got to know each other!


In our first chapel for the week, our speaker Bobber Bill introduced himself to the campers, and we talked about Ephesians 5:1-2 and John 3:16. We are all excited to hear more from Bill tomorrow morning!


Right now, the campers are enjoying Canteen treats and they’re playing games, fishing, and hanging out before the Staff Variety Show! Then it’s off to bed to rest before all of the fun we have planned for tomorrow. Game on!!!

Here is a link to the Facebook album with more pictures from the week: Adventurers

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0 thoughts on “The Start of an Adventure!”

  1. What a great way for family far away to know what the grandkids are experiencing and learning!!! and what I can talk with them about when they come out to visit next week! THANKS!!! Keep teaching from the Word and relying on the Lord and you cannot go wrong!

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