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Men, It’s Time to Advance!

Men's Advance! is intentionally designed for men to dig in deep and grow in their faith. Great food, fun activities, solid sessions, and impactful connections. Men, this retreat is one you're not going to want to miss.

Five Myths About Men’s Retreats…

Myth #1: Men Don’t Do Camp

Men's Advance

Men have been attending our Men’s Advance since 1985, and it is an ideal format for a retreat – 1 night, 3 meals, 4 sessions. Advance starts Friday night at 8pm and gets done by 5:30 dinner on Saturday – men get to enjoy the retreat, and then head home to be with their family at church on Sunday!

Myth #2: Men Don’t Think

Men's Advance

Here’s the truth – God has created men with an appetite for real “meat.” Men’s Advance is Camp Lebanon’s “go deeper” event for men. We are excited to have Dr. Michael O. Wise with us this year to speak about The Prayers of Paul. Dr. Wise is Scholar-in-Residence, Professor of Hebrew Bible & Ancient Languages at University of Northwestern-St. Paul and author of The Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered (international best seller).  As Scholar-in-Residence, Dr. Wise’s area of focus is ancient Judaism as a background to the rise of Christianity. Whether your prayer life is vibrant, lukewarm, or non-existent, your devotional life is sure to be enriched through three scholarly yet practical studies on the prayers of the Apostle Paul. Men can also mine extra gold from a Bonus Session on these valuable manuscript treasures. Bring your questions and your friends and come hungry for a great time in the Word of God.

Myth #3: Men Don’t Talk

The truth: men have a genuine need for processing life in a context of a trusting environment. Men’s Advance has been special for so many guys because there is a focus on small group discussion after each session. Through the consistent small group times, men can start a spiritual conversation that continues when they get home.

Myth #4: Men Don’t Sing

The worship at Men’s Advance is actually a highlight for the guys – because our men know the “man rule” for singing at men’s events: “If in doubt, sing LOUD!” And believe us, it is amazing to hear.

Myth #5: Men Don’t Eat Well at Retreat

2018 Men's Advance

Anyone who has attended a Men’s event at Camp Lebanon will tell you the real truth: camp’s food is awesome! Our food service staff go all out to make delicious, hearty meals for Men’s Advance. And the accommodations at Camp are comfortable – men will have the choice of 3 different housing arrangements (hotel, dorm-style, and cabin housing). Throw in some laser tag and other recreation activities, and the package is complete!

Men, this is the time. This is the place. Bring yourself, bring your groups, and bring your pastors (Senior Pastors come for free!). Register today. We’ll see you at Men’s Advance, April 5-6, 2019!


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