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Mother-Daughter Memories

Read a quick recap of our 2019 Mother Daughter Retreat!

We had a wonderful weekend at Mother-Daughter Retreat! There was beautiful weather, an amazing speaker, and incredible encounters with God’s Creation. The theme was “Remarkable by Design,” and the guests who came were encouraged to see God’s creativity in all things, including them! We are fearfully and wonderfully made.

“We enjoyed spending time as mothers and daughters and digging into God’s Word together without the distractions from home.”

– Mother Daughter Attendee

Guests enjoyed a variety of craft options over the weekend, including making a coaster with a family photo taken when they arrived on Friday! Among other great crafts, they also could make tie-dye shirts together – a popular choice, as we saw nearly 100 shirts made in a single day!

There were specific creation encounters throughout the day on Saturday, including Bird Watching, a Solar Walk, a session about bees and honey, and the chance to learn about cows (and to experience “milking” a cow!). Our chapel sessions with speaker Erin Davis were “over the moon” as we learned that God is infinite, uncreated, eternal, and good.

“The speaker, Erin, was amazing, fun and interesting. I love every single person here, they have a happiness about them that shows love. The worship and prayer is amazing as well. Thank you Camp Lebanon!”

– Mother Daughter Attendee

There were nearly 200 moms, daughters, and grandmas at this retreat, and we had a great time! Save the date for Mother-Daughter May 1-3, 2020!

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