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Senior High – Day Two

Last night, we had chapel under the stars!  Campers trekked up to the top of Hazzard Hill for a chapel service under the tent.  We sang some incredible worship songs and then heard from our speaker, Rocky.  He spoke about unity, and all the ways that we can be unified with one another.  Rocky compared this to being a “Momma Bear” to the people around us – through putting others before ourselves, avoiding gossip, and more.  He challenged campers to earnestly ask God to bring unity this week at Camp!

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Talk to your camper about unity in Christ.  What are some of the ways that Rocky encouraged unity?  How can we be more like a “Momma Bear” with our brothers and sisters in Christ?

Today was the first full day of Senior High Week – we started off with a 7:45 wake-up bell and a Polar Dip for the campers willing to brave the chilly Cedar Lake waters.  We had a wonderful pancake breakfast, and then everyone headed to the Steps of Faith for the big group photo.  Here’s a goofy version of the photo we took:


Then campers headed into split Guys & Girls chapels.  Afterwards, campers had some morning Options and a Pop break, followed by Clinics and Seminars.  Campers get to attend 4 different seminars or clinics throughout their week.  These are sessions about a specific topic, where they are able to dive deeper than usual into a subject that interests them.  Some of today’s Clinic & Seminar options were “Christians in Sports,” “Spiritual Gifts,” “Cardio Dance,” and “ASL.”

TAKE CAMP HOME:  What clinics and seminars did your camper attend during the week?  Did they find any topics that they want to pursue and learn more about outside of Camp?

Then it was time for lunch!  We had chicken strips, chipotle mac ‘n’ cheese, salad, and fruit for dessert.  Then we showed campers the first of our Mail Call videos for the week.  This summer, the Senior High Mail Calls are a continuation of a story that started last summer (campers who missed last year’s story got to catch up today during Free Time if they wanted to)!

Free Time came next.  It was a beautiful day for swimming, ziplining, laser tagging, and crafting.  The crafts of the day today were mason jar glasses with lids, mugs with a design, or a special Senior High craft – a headphones holder.  Campers could also draw, make friendship bracelets, or make scrunchies!

Campers had fun in the swimming area today, particularly on the Rock-It and watermats.  Today was also the first day of Zipline and Laser Tag.

At Flag Lowering tonight, campers were introduced to the special themed meal.  Every night of Senior High, the summer and kitchen staff create a fun themed dinner for campers to enjoy.  Tonight’s theme was Bob Ross!  We decked out the dining hall with “happy trees” and “happy clouds,” covered tables with white paper so campers could color pictures, and the kitchen staff went all out with so much delicious, colorful food!  We had an array of fresh fruit, jello salad, and rice bowls with a choice of protein and veggies, and three delicious sauce options.  As a finale, there was a rainbow display of cupcakes for dessert.

After dinner, campers were invited to attend a baptism for a staff member and a camper!  It was so amazing to gather together on the lakefront to witness these individuals making the decision to proclaim their love for Jesus!

Campers had another Team Time this evening, followed by Canteen/Free Time before a Big Camp Game!  Then it will be on to Chapel up at the tent, with another message from Rocky.  More details to come in tomorrow’s blog!  To continue following the story of Camp this week, follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.  Don’t forget to download the Camp App for notifications and easy access to Summer Camp info!

Senior High – Facebook Photo Album

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