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Senior High – Day Three

Last night, campers played a night game called Bible Translator, and then went to our second Chapel session with Rocky Hovda.  Rocky talked about God’s Word as the absolute truth.  God speaks through His Creation, God’s Word is alive, and God’s Word changes things.  The Big “T” Truth of God’s Word nourishes us.  Rocky challenged campers to read the Bible and spend time in the Word every day.  This week, campers are given a specific time in the mornings to take Time Alone with God (called “TAG” Time).

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Read John 8:31-32 and 2 Timothy 3:16.  Ask your camper about their daily TAG times during their Camp week.  What scriptures did they spend the most time studying?  Did they do anything else during their time alone with God?  Talk about the Scriptures referenced above – in what ways has God’s Word spoken to your camper in the last week or so?  How have they heard God’s voice in His Creation?  How has God’s Word changed them and nourished them?

This morning was like most mornings at Camp, with Polar Dip, Breakfast, Cabin Clean-Up, TAG Time, and Morning Chapel.  And then it was time for a Senior High tradition – an epic Volleyball Tournament up on the North 40 Field, starting at 11am and going until the beginning of Free Time.  Campers played as a team with their cabin, with the tournament results contributing to the week-long competition between Teams!  It was so cool to see campers rooting each other on in the tournament.  We also had a picnic lunch up on the field, with hamburgers, baked beans, potato salad, and ice cream!

After the Volleyball Tournament, campers saw the second video in our Mail Call series and went into Free Time.  It was the perfect time to jump in the lake, after getting hot and sweaty up on the field.  Other campers participated in the Craft of the Day – Tie Dye!  There were also sessions for zipline and laser tag this afternoon.

Then it was time for Flag Lowering and the second themed meal of the week!  Dinner tonight was “Pun” themed, with every staff member dressing up as a favorite pun.  The Dining Hall was filled with puns as campers enjoyed a meal of “impastably” delicious lasagna, penne, and chicken or meatballs w/ red or white sauce.

After dinner, it was time for another fun all camp game!  This giant strategy game involved teams finding resources, earning gold, and building “strongholds” on a map of “Camptan.”  This game was created by one of our staff members, and is basically a giant strategy board game.  The campers had a great time trading with each other, developing a team strategy, and earning points for their team!

Later tonight, campers will spend more time with their Teams before heading up to another Chapel session at the tent.  It’s been a great Tuesday – we’ll tell you more about Chapel and the rest of the day in tomorrow’s blog post!

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