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Junior High 3 – Day Three

Last night in chapel, Nate Miller talked about how we are loved by the Awesome Creator, the God who made it all.  He did a deep dive into Psalm 8 with the campers and talked about how our weakness shows God’s strength and our smallness shows His greatness.

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Ask your camper to talk about Psalm 8.  Read it together.  Why should we praise the Creator?  What does it mean to praise?  What are some ways that we can praise God throughout our days?

Today is a big day at Junior High Camp!  It’s Volleyball Tournament day, so everyone is preparing for the big event tonight after dinner.  Campers and their counselors get to come up with a team uniform, team cheers, and develop their strategy for playing in the tournament.  We can’t wait to see what the evening brings!

This morning, campers woke up to a beautiful, sun-shiney day at Camp.  Polar Dip, Breakfast, and TAG Time happened as usual, followed by the split guys and girls Morning Chapel.  Then campers had some more Morning Free Time & Cabin Time.


In true “Taco Tuesday” fashion, we had nachos for lunch today!  Campers could grab chips and pick their toppings, all in a nice paper boat.  Then it was time for Mail Call – another skit from the story of our summer-long characters.  Then another round of Clinics & Seminars, with completely different options than we had yesterday.

On to Free Time!  It was a gorgeous day, with temps reaching the mid 80s!  That meant lots of campers spending time in the lake, or enjoying the breeze as they zipped down the Screamin’ Eagle Zipline.  Laser Taggers & Crafters enjoyed the shade of the laser tag field or the Craft Room, while others chilled out with their Canteen treats on the Hub and played Octoball or 4-square.

Then it was time for dinner!  Tonight meal was brats, chips, veggies, potato salad, and baked beans!  After dinner, we all hiked up to the North 40 to start the epic Volleyball Tournament.

Campers played on teams with their cabin, using face paint and color-coordinated clothing to get into the team spirit.  Music was blaring from the loud speakers, there were practice volleyballs for campers to toss around between games, plus carpetball and 9-square to play.  The night started off as the sun was bright on the field, and went into golden hour as the final teams battled it out for the win!

When the last game was over, campers came back to main Camp to get cleaned up and ready for Chapel.  The Canteen opened, and campers hung out on the Hub, playing games and waiting for the bell to ring for evening Chapel.

More on tonight’s chapel in tomorrow’s blog post! Until then, continue following the story of Camp this week.  Follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.  Don’t forget to download the Camp App for notifications and easy access to Summer Camp info!

Junior High 3 – Facebook Photo Album

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