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Junior High 3 – Day Two

It’s been a great day of Junior High summer camp!  Campers woke up this morning, got ready for the day (for some, that included jumping into the lake for the Polar Dip!), and headed down for Flag Raising and breakfast.  After breakfast, campers each went off for some TAG Time (“Time Alone with God”), using some devotional sheets provided by our speaker for the week.  This is a chance for campers to spend time reading the Bible, praying, and enjoying being outside in God’s Awesome Creation as they start the day.

After TAG Time, campers gathered at the Steps of Faith for our big group photo!  Here’s one of the goofy ones that we took:


Then it was time for Morning Chapel.  Campers split into guys and girls for these chapel sessions, with guys up in the Eagle’s Nest and girls down in the Chapel.  Each day, they’ll hear a different staff member talk on a specific topic, and then have a chance to do some discussion as a cabin.

Before lunch, campers had some Free Time and Cabin Time.  Campers mostly spent time on the main Hub of Camp, playing 4-square, 9-square, volleyball, and Octoball.  Some campers went down to the Lower Field to play Wiffleball.

Lunch today was chicken strips, mac ‘n’ cheese, & salad!  After lunch, campers had Mail Call at the Steps of Faith, where they got to meet the summer-long characters and watch a funny skit.  Then they went right in to our Clinics and Seminars.  This week, campers will get to pick from a different set of Clinics and Seminars each day – some active options, and some more discussion/classroom style.  This gives campers the chance to pick a topic that interests them specifically.

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Talk to your camper about their Clinics & Seminars.  What did they choose to attend?  Can they teach you some of the things that they learned?

Then it was time for FREE TIME!  Campers had nearly 3 full hours of Free Time today, and there was plenty to do.  The swimming area was open, campers could go fishing out on Pontoons with the help of Fishing Grandparents, Laser Tag and Zipline were open, and the Craft Room had some really fun creative options today!

Free Time ended with a bell for Flag Lowering.  Each night, a different cabin signs up to lower the flag (they can also sign up to raise it in the morning).  After the flag is lowered, there will sometimes be an Amphitheatric.  Tonight, four campers volunteered for the Post-It Note game.  Then everyone headed in to the Dining Hall for dinner – pasta, meatballs, salad, and cheesecake-in-a-cup!

After dinner, there’s more fun to be had!  Tonight, campers played a big Camp game called Clue (which works a lot like the board game, but all over Camp and with staff members dressing up as different characters).  Then they will have a little bit of Free Time and Canteen Time before Chapel at 8:30.  We’ll recap the chapel session in tomorrow’s blog.  Until then, continue following the story of Camp this week.  Follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.  Don’t forget to download the Camp App for notifications and easy access to Summer Camp info!

Junior High 3 – Facebook Photo Album

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