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Junior High 3 – Day Five

In last night’s chapel, Nate talked about how God defines us.  Nate talked about how we all desire to be known and to know who we are.  We sometimes define ourselves by things that world says about us, things we achieve, or what are friends and family think.  But God is the one that defines who we are.  We looked at 2 Corinthians 5:17, which says that “if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation.”  This is what Jesus says about us!

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Talk with your camper about what it means to be a “new creation.”  Sometimes we don’t feel like it, but we can still choose to live according to that identity in Christ.  Ask you camper about some ways that they see this play out in their lives.  Nate asked campers the question “Who are you?” and had them respond with truth from scripture.  Ask your camper the same question and discuss the responses!

This morning, campers got to sleep in an extra hour for Sleep In Day!  Then we had a delicious morning meal – breakfast tacos!  Campers had their TAG time (Time Alone with God), and went to Morning Chapel next.  Morning Free Time was a bit shorter today, and led right in to lunch.  Then campers went to Mail Call – today’s was a video in the Chapel, a continuation of the story that is being told all week.  Then the last round of Clinics & Seminars for the summer.  So many staff were sad to say goodbye to the clinics & seminars they have been teaching all summer, as this is the last week they will be leading them.

Then it was time for Free Time!  Campers made the most of the last day of Camp and the gorgeous weather (but really, Camp has been absolutely wonderful weather-wise all week – we are so thankful!).  There were plenty of campers on the waterfront today, but also quite a few in the Craft Room, working on some of the different craft options that have been provided all week by our Craft Coordinator.

And, of course, the waterfront was busy too!  Our photographers had a great time capturing several impressive leaps from the high dive.

Tonight was PIZZA NIGHT for dinner, with huge, gooey chocolate chip cookies for dessert.  After dinner, campers went to Chapel.  In tonight’s chapel service, Nate continued to talk about how God defines us.  Specifically, he encouraged campers to know that they were created for a purpose.  When we know what God says about us, we can also begin to understand who He has made us to be.  Nate continued the list of things that God says about us, and called campers to be passionate about sharing what Jesus has done in their lives.

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Read 1 Peter 2:9 with your camper.  What are some of the other things that God says about who we are?  Talk to your camper about their passions – the things that make them excited.  Discuss some ways that they can use those things that they love to share the love of Jesus with others.

After Chapel, campers had some Cabin Time and evening Free Time (plus Canteen), and put on their long sleeves and long pants for the hike out to the Campfire at Bass Point!  At the Campfire, we traditionally sing songs, play a round of Gorilla Gets the Man, and hear another word from our speaker of the week.  Since it is getting darker earlier now, campers will also get a great view of the stars tonight!

Tomorrow, parents arrive for the Closing Rally at 10am, where we’ll show a video recap of the week, give out prizes, and send these wonderful Junior Highers off!

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Junior High 3 – Facebook Photo Album

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