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20 Moments from the Summer So Far!

Check out some of our favorite photos from Summer 2019!

Summer 2019 has been an amazing adventure so far. As always, we have seen God’s faithfulness in providing for us – bringing us incredible volunteers, a wonderful summer staff team, and a full summer’s worth of youth and family campers who bring life to this Meeting Place with God!

Here is a quick look at some of our favorite photos from this summer. These are just a few of the beautiful moments that have been captured by our photographer and videographer over the course of the summer so far. Enjoy!

God has given Camp Lebanon such a beautiful facility, and grounds that are perfect for showcasing the Awesome Creator’s fingerprints. Our theme this summer was focused on God as our Awesome Creator – and we couldn’t have asked for a better place to point people to Creation!

Family camps are one of our favorite parts of summer ministry! This summer so far, we have ran 2 family weekend events, 1 full week of Family Camp, and hosted more than 30 other family groups who rented the facility. It was so fun to get to know these families and to be a part of their summer vacation.

If you’ve never gone hands-free down the Screamin’ Eagle Zipline, you need to try it! And maybe you’ll be lucky like some of our youth campers this year, who got to do that while also being rained on. Rain or shine, the zipline is a great time.

Lots of stories from Camp Lebanon start with the waterfront. This year, campers rejoiced when the Rock-It was put in, jumped off of the dock for the photographer, or practiced their most graceful high dives off of the Raft. During Free Time, it is so fun to hear the joyful screams and laughter from the lakefront as you go about your business on Main Camp.

Camp wouldn’t be Camp without epic field games. This year, we really enjoyed playing relay games with both youth and families on the Lower Field and North 40 field. They make for some great photos and lots of laughter as everyone runs around in circles with colorful hula hoops!

Every summer, fish in Cedar Lake are fed super well! This year has been no exception. Thank you to our Fishing Grandparent volunteers, who are dedicated to making each camper’s fishing experience fun and educational. Especially during our Adventurers and Super Kids weeks, it has been so great to have extra hands down on the docks to help bait hooks, take fish off of hooks, and capture camper’s first fish moments!

Over the last few years, Camp Lebanon has become home to several “hammock gardens” scattered throughout Camp. With each group that comes, hammock clusters spring up all around. It’s been so fun to see campers enjoying the Awesome Creation and connecting with their friends, suspended above the ground!

The Campfire Trek – a tradition at the end of each week of youth camp (and family camp)! Some of the most gorgeous photos have been captured during the trek to Bass Point, with the golden sun peeking through the trees by Turtle Bay. Just enough light to catch these precious moments between friends.

The smiles are the best part of the photographer and videographer’s days. We love to see these happy campers experiencing the love of God, playing together, and exploring the things that God has made. The smiling faces are another part of God’s Awesome Creation, and we can never capture enough!

Thank you for looking at some of our favorite photos from Summer 2019! You can find all of the photos we have taken this summer on our Facebook Page, under Photo Albums.

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