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Super Kids 4 – Day One

Our last week of summer youth camp has begun!  We are so excited for these Super Kids to be here.  Campers arrived and met their counselors, some took their swim tests, others hung out on the Hub or in their cabins, getting to know their fellow campers.  After everyone had arrived, we all gathered on the Steps of Faith to greet the campers officially and introduce them to the Summer Staff members that will be hanging out with them all week.

Then it was time for Flag Lowering and dinner time!  Campers had a yummy meal of sub sandwiches, chips, veggies, juice boxes, and a brownie.  Then it was time for everyone to head to the chapel to hear the rules of the week before being dismissed by cabin to take a tour of Camp.  The tour gives campers the chance to ask questions about the week, find important locations at Camp, and generally get ready for a week of the Funnest Fun!

Campers grabbed their Bibles and headed in to the first Chapel of the week, with our speaker, Darla Benjamin!  Darla introduced herself to campers and then played “Seeing God” Bingo with them.

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Ask your camper about “Seeing God” Bingo – how did the game work?  What are some of the things in Creation that make your camper say “Awesome!”  If you would like an activity to do together, make up your own bingo game about Creation and have fun!

After Chapel, it was time for some Canteen Time and Free Time before the Staff Variety Show!  Campers had some snacks and played 4-square, 9-square, and Octoball on the Hub before crowding in to the Chapel again for a fun show put on by the summer staff.  Our staff have created some really fun skits to perform for the campers – a great way to begin Super Kids 4, with laughter!

Campers are heading to bed soon, and will be well-rested for their first full day of summer camp tomorrow morning!  Don’t forget to follow the story throughout the week – follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.  And download the Camp App for notifications and easy access to Summer Camp info!

Super Kids 4 – Facebook Photo Album

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