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Women’s Winter Warm-Up 2020 – “Practical Jesus”

Read a quick recap of our 2020 Women's Winter Warm-Up, with a link to more photos!

From bread braids to bingo balls, the weekend was filled with sweet treats: God’s truth, warm fellowship, and all the fresh food we could eat. The theme of the speaking this weekend was “Practical Jesus,” by our speaker Joelle Hassler.

A Note from Joelle:

“This weekend we learned that we don’t have a God who is “out there” but one who is right here with us – willing to enter into the messiness of our lives. He is the God who comes to us when we are paralyzed and asks us if we want to get well. He is the God who invites us to the mountain top to bring our requests, dialogue with him and come back down the mountain changed. He is the God who accepts our offerings of faith, hope, time, testimony and praise. And he is the God who helps us to overflow, sharing our faith with others.”

For Early Bird guests, who came to enjoy an extra day of the retreat, a highlight was our Twist & Shout event, with pretzel making, bread braiding, and bread bingo. Women got to watch the process of making a tasty bread braid with raspberry and cream cheese. Then we got to make our own pretzels to snack on that night!

Other fun highlights of the weekend included informative workshops that encouraged women to dive deeper into specific topics, beautiful weather perfect for snowshoeing, geo-caching, and snow tubing, and fun crafts (including a beautiful wood board project)! The weekend was capped off with a friendly dip competition on the last night, where some women brought their favorite dip recipes to share with everyone and to compete for a prize!

See more photos on our Facebook Page! And click the link below for an album of high quality photos, great for printing!

Women’s Winter Warm-Up High Quality Photos


Fall Women’s Retreats are coming on September (24) 25-27, 2020 and October (1) 2-4, 2020. Our theme this fall is “Open Hands.” Stay tuned to our website for more details coming soon!

2020 Fall Women’s Retreats Info

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