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12 Reasons Why God Invented Dads

With Dads ‘N’ Lads (& Grandpas!) Retreat just around the corner, and our Dads ‘N’ Daughters Retreat coming up at the end of the summer, what better time to celebrate the dads in our lives?  Here are 12 reasons, according to Bobber Bill, why God invented dads!

 1.  To play catch with future “Hall of Famers.”

2.  To have tea with little dolls (real ones and play ones).

3.  To fix the impossible.

4.  To hold TV remotes.

5.  To visit unscheduled destinations on road trips.

6.  To promote the sale of corrective lenses for referees.

7.  To tickle kids silly.

8.  To praise beauty into princesses.

9.  To be the one still cheering when the game is lost.

10.  To deliver the “tough love” to kids begging for discipline.

11.  To passionately love his children’s mother.

12.  To illustrate the Heavenly Father’s forever love for His children.

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