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Super Kids 3 – Day 5

Campers are heading home, and while we are so sad to see them go, we are so happy because we just spent an incredible week with them!  Today we said “Thank you, God, for a really great week!” at the Closing Rally.  Campers gathered under the tent for one more set of action songs (Every Move I Make and The Hippo Song!), and then they watched the photo and video shows from the week!  

Shane shared one last message with campers today.  He talked about how campers have learned lots of things this week, memorized a bunch of verses, and gained so much good knowledge about the Bible.  But sometimes, campers might feel a little lost in the future and need some direction.  He told them a few stories about being lost, and how in each circumstance, someone needed to come alongside and help give direction.  He said that, for us, direction can be found in the Bible and in the Helper, the Holy Spirit!  


Campers memorize verses all week long.  Ask them what the verses are that they learned or memorized.  Some of them have actions – see if your camper can teach the actions to you!  Then, pick a new verse to learn together, and make up actions to go with it! 

Then it was time for prizes and PIES!  Campers say verses all week long, each time getting their name into the bucket for a chance to pie a staff member of their choice!  Staff members get to memorize verses too, and every week one staff member also gets to pie someone on staff.  After learning all about “proper pie-ing technique,” campers get to pie their staff member with a plate full of whipped cream!

Thank you, God, for a really great Super Kids 3!  We can’t wait to see you all next summer!  Click the links below for the full photo album from the week, and the video show.


Enjoy photos from your camper’s week at the link below!  Perfect to download, share, and print!

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