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Storm Hits Camp, Takes Down Trees

A big storm came through and decided to take out a bunch of Camp's trees. Thankfully, all the guests and buildings were safe.

This past Saturday started just like most other summer Saturdays at Camp, mostly sunny with a chance of rain and a high probability of the “funnest fun”…and then the chance of rain turned into a chance of thunderstorms, which eventually became a tornado warning.  We knew we were in for a good storm when we saw the radar and ominous green sky. Check out these pictures!

Camp was filled with guests, so the first step was to make sure everyone was safely ushered to the lower level of buildings or in places away from windows.  And then the storm hit.  You should have seen the rain and wind!  The Rock-It water toy was flying in the air and spinning circles, water was rushing down the boat landing, and leaves and branches were flying by the windows. We waited and watched as the storm quickly made its way through. Once the storm had passed it was time to go see the damage.

The top of a tree had completely broken off by the A-Frame of the Cedar Bay Lodge, and several other trees were down.  The biggest mess was by the playground where a very prominent basswood tree had snapped in two.  Thankfully, no buildings were hit (except the roof of the fishing shed) and no people were hurt.  We were especially relieved to see the big white top tent completely intact and in place!  In all, twelve trees were knocked down and scores of branches littered the grounds.  The cleanup process began immediately following the storm.

Camp’s new Facility Manager, Scott Shoemaker, led the charge as staff and guests chipped in to pick up branches, clean up scattered recreation equipment, and cut away fallen trees.  Rich appeared out of nowhere, chainsaw in hand, looking as giddy as a child on Christmas!  Donna Lundgren, one of Camp’s favorite volunteers, was the the first to enjoy Camp’s new park attraction, a hallow tree trunk by the playground from the basswood tree.  The grand finale of the day was when Shane cut down the rest of the tree. Check out the video below.

It wasn’t long after the storm until the sun came back out, so the lifeguards resumed their positions and the afternoon was back in action for guests to enjoy with their friends and families.  Just another adventure at Camp!  We praise the Lord for his protection and provision of this place!

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