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The Story of Summer 2021

Summer was back!

Summer Youth & Family Camps returned in 2021, and our Camp Lebanon staff couldn’t have been happier to welcome it back.  We were so grateful that we could have an almost completely normal summer camp experience in 2021, all while continuing to operate with the safety of our campers & guests as the priority.  Not only were we able to have summer – it was a GREAT summer!  

We spent a majority of the summer in the beautiful outdoors, which helped us stay safe, but also created a really incredible, classic “summer camp feeling.”  Outside crafts, outside game rooms, outside meals (occasionally – picnic meals are always so much fun!), and outside chapels! 

Summer 2021 brought us back to what the typical summer experience at Camp Lebanon is, and we were able to do it safely, keeping the traditions and experiences that make Camp A Meeting Place with God for so many kids and families.  

Chapels in the Big Tent!

Speaking of being outside, a true highlight of 2021 was Chapels in the Big Tent!  Camp purchased a beautiful tent that would allow us to have large group gatherings in a safe manner.  It was a Big Tent Revival all summer long!  Kids were more focused, and everyone came away talking about how much FUN the experience of outdoor chapels was!  We purchased the tent out of necessity, but it ended up being a huge part of what made Summer 2021 so wonderful.

A summer of provision!

The right staff.  The right volunteers.  The right speakers.  The right campers.  As the summer approached, our year-long staff team were feeling the strain, trying to find the team that would lead and love campers through the summer.  With over 40 positions to fill, our team was stretched and holding the summer with open hands, asking God to provide what we needed.

And He did it!  The team came together, some of them right at the last moment, combining into a powerhouse group of young people to be on our summer staff team.  

And God didn’t stop there.  He provided ALL SUMMER LONG.  When the staff found themselves at the edges of their energy, God continued to supply them with the strength and energy to press on.  When some staff had to leave early, over and over again, God provided us with with volunteers who were willing to step in and fill the gaps.  And our summer staff team continued to stretch themselves all summer long, in some cases covering more than just one role at a time!  

As we look towards the rest of 2021, we are reflecting on how God has supplied Camp with everything we needed so far.   And we trust that He will continue to do so the rest of this year and beyond.  If you joined us at Camp this summer, we are so grateful that you entrusted us with your time away from home.  Thank you.  It was THE Funnest Fun.  See you next summer!


Enjoy photos from your camper’s week at the link below!  Perfect to download, share, and print!

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