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Super Kids 3, Top 10 Photos

What an incredible week we had with these Super Kids! Their joyful spirits filled Camp with so much life and laughter. 

Here are the top ten photos from the week! 

Water Games

Campers love playing games, especially when it involves water and soaking counselors!

Capture the Flag

Campers heading out to try and find the flags!

Hang out in the Hub

The Hub is a great place to hang out with friends at Camp! 

Morning Movements

We always have tons of fun at camp! Morning movements like “Little Cabin in the Woods” only add to it! 

Just Hangin' Out

Campers love to hang around during free time!

Screaming Eagle Zipline

Lots of campers gave ziplining a chance this week! By the looks of it, I’d say they had fun!

Cabin Cheers

How exciting is it when your cabin gets 5 stars for cabin clean-up?!

Pre-Zipline Giggles

Can’t you just hear the laughter?!


Octoball is a camper favorite, and it sure is fun to watch them play and laugh!

Canteen Time

Energy and smiles are sure to be found after stocking up on treats from the canteen! 


Enjoy photos from your camper’s week at the link below!  Perfect to download, share, and print!

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