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Annual Meeting Report: Worship Breaks Out as the Story of 2015 is Retold

Reports morphed into worship as Camp’s leadership recapped 2015 at the  68th Annual Meeting of the Membership on Saturday, February 27.  The three hour meeting featured an annual “State of the Camp” presentation from Executive Director Bill Abeler, as well as ministry reports  from Rich Olson (youth), Lisa Abeler (women), and Phil Gerth (maintenance).  Marc Nelson (business) painted a positive picture by numbers, framed by the approval of a $1.6M budget for 2016.

annual meetingThe most significant item on the agenda was an updating of  Camp’s Statement of Faith.  As American culture drifts further from its Judeo-Christian foundations and  battles over religious liberty heat up, Bible-based ministries like Camp Lebanon can strengthen legal standing through clearly stated positions and policies on biblical marriage, gender issues, the sanctity of life, and personal dignity. After much discussion, the new Statement was approved by unanimous vote of all delegates present.  View camp’s Statement of Faith.

A tour of the soon-to-be-completed Eagle’s Nest Rec Pavilion on the North 40 proved to be a grand finale to a grand day. Delegates from 16 of Camp’s member churches saw with their eyes and heard with  their ears the exciting  vision  unfolding for Camp Lebanon.  Dedication for the new facility is set for Senior Day on Tuesday, May 17.

“The buzz for 2016 is building,” Abeler noted.  “We’re off to a great start and our dreams for the future are alive and growing. May God be honored and His Kingdom expanded through  each and every ministry we offer to youth, families, and adults.  Camp turns 70 next year.  Plan now for a great celebration!”

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  1. Bill: is there a record . . . Written or pictorial . . . Of a camp being held in the summer of 1946?? Somehow I seem to remember being involved with a small group . . . Either from 1st B. of St. Cloud . . . Or, 4th B. MPLS. Am I found in any records from 1947 . . . I went to Bob Jones in the fall of 1946 . . . My first year. 70 years ago . . . (!). (!). ( ! ! ). I tend to forget!?! Paul Pegors

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