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We Are Ready for Summer!

The final day of Staff Training is here, and the summer staff is SO ready for youth camps to begin!

The past week and a half at Camp Lebanon has been full of the learning, bonding, and preparing that comes with Summer Staff Training!  Our team is ready for the challenge set before them this summer, to love over 1800 campers and to teach them about Jesus.  With the first week of summer youth camp only a day away, the staff is feeling excited to finally dive into their roles.  And more than anything, they can’t wait to explore the Big “T” Truth of God as the Awesome Creator with campers by investigating this beautiful world that He has created!

A big part of preparing for summer camps is prayer and praise!  Summer Staff took time to walk through Camp and pray at all the different areas, committing this summer, the staff, and the campers to the Lord.  And Camp wouldn’t be Camp without some great music during chapels!  A whole session of Staff Training was dedicated to teaching the staff every single action song that they might get to do this summer.  It was a super fun (and super tiring) afternoon of jumping around and singing at the top of their lungs, but now the staff feel more ready than ever to teach these fun worship songs to the campers!

Every Staff Training, the team get to work on Ownership Projects that help the maintenance staff get ready for summer camp.  This year, different groups got to work on spreading dirt and planting some new grass, raking and mowing, cleaning the beach, and painting the Steps of Faith (plus a lot more!).

Our Summer Staff have also been planning and practicing their skits for the weekly Staff Variety Show (which is usually on the first night of a camp week).  They can’t wait to show these hilarious skits to the campers and to get some of the biggest laughs of the week!

Another fun tradition of Staff Training is the day when our summer staff team and the summer staff from Lake Beauty Bible Camp meet up and spend the day together!  This year, the Camp Lebanon team went to Lake Beauty and enjoyed some great fellowship with another summer staff team, played some games, and had a chapel session together.  It is so fun to partner with other camps, who are doing the same work this summer!  A great chance for the staff to meet some new friends and commit to praying for others in ministry!

It’s the day before campers arrive!  On Sunday afternoon, our first youth camp (Super Kids 1) will begin, with over 190 campers arriving to fill Camp with energy and life.  Our staff are ready for this summer, and they could use your prayers!  Pray that this summer team will stay unified in their mission and purpose, pray for health and safety, pray for wisdom, patience, and courage, and pray that, through everything that they do this summer, our Summer Staff will give glory to our truly Awesome Creator!

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