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“READY…SET…GO!” A Summer Staff Training Reflection

Izzy Thostenson, Youth Program Associate

From gobbling crepes at Bobber Bill’s, to 7 AM all-staff devotionals in the dining hall– Staff Training was a blast. About 1/3 of the Summer Staff are completely new this year. There were about 4 staffers whose first time at Camp was the first day of training! Many experienced veterans paired well with the fresh crew and have ramped up everyone’s energy.  

It was incredible to watch these staffers go through training together. We put them in prayer partners, mostly random, but with the intent that new staff would pair with returning staff. Throughout the week, they had breakfast with their prayer partners each morning. As the week went on, I couldn’t even tell at first glance who was new and who had been on summer staff for years. God melted them together in a unity that will surely overflow onto the campers through the entire summer! 

The final night of training, all 47 staffers hiked out to Bass Point. They worshipped together and wrote letters to themselves in August to look back on at the end of the summer. It was one of the sweetest worship sessions I have ever been part of.  It would be a lie if I said my eyes were dry by the end of it. I can’t fully describe what it was like to see the hands and heads raised towards the heavens, in that tender moment before the campers came rushing in. But it will be a moment that I won’t forget and will carry with me, walking into the rest of the summer with this stellar team.  


Check out photos from Staff Training at the link below!

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